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1,837 Deaf Die Daily

Never having had access to the gospel and therefore, no knowledge of God’s grace.


78 Million Deaf

The the vast majority of the Deaf worldwide have never seen a Bible story or passage in their natural language; Sign Language.

78 M

200 Sign languages

There are more than 200 sign languages,
but sadly, they are without scripture in their NATURAL language.


0 Bibles

That's right, ZERO Bibles have been fully translated into the natural sign languages of the Deaf worldwide. We are working to solve that problem.



Translate a minimum of 300 Bible stories and passages into each of the world's sign languages.

Your tax-deductible gifts fuel our vision for creating and disseminating a minimum
of 300 unique Bible story translations for each of the world’s sign languages.
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We are working to provide 300 Bible passages & stories in each of the world's major natural sign language

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