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he Deaf Pathway Global translation team transforms print translations of Biblical narratives and passages into a complete picture or visual source. Individual scenes of Biblical narratives are drawn,  color-coded, and presented chronologically as part of the storyboard script. This is but one phase of the process that seeks to harness the Sign Roots at the heart of every language.

Most sign language groups around the world share foundational and universal concepts that we call Sign Roots -- a unique blend of facial expressions, body movements, and hand signals that are iconic in nature.

Providentially, Sign Roots - based conversations have an extremely high percentage of understanding between each sign language group. Herein lies the impetus for our process to accelerate the translation of God’s message into the heart language, of potentially every Deaf people group in the world.

Deaf translators analyze our videos of storyboard illustrations, dramatic portrayals, and Sign Roots translation, and then infuse local or indigenous lexical signs specific for their own national sign languages.

This visual-driven process to Bible translation for the Deaf is videoed at every level and shared via the Deaf Pathway Source App.

Deaf Pathway Global is currently employing this visual-based approach to Bible translation, in conjunction with the universally-shared Sign Roots used by the Deaf in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and East Asia.  Soon Deaf Pathways will be beginning a new endeavor to translate a set of 60 Bible stories into the languages of the Deaf Slovenians, Deaf Croatian, and Deaf Serbians.

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Hands to Hearts > Bible Translation

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