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Deaf Balkans

A Deaf survey team went to Croatia and Serbia in November 2021. Their purpose was to glean as much information as they could about the Deaf Community there, regarding to their culture, education, social norms and spirituality. This information was then used to develop a plan that will provide access to Scripture in the context of community-based gatherings. This new access to Scripture in their natural language will result in the community’s spiritual development.

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Deaf Church Planters in the East Asia

Upon learning a set of Bible stories for evangelism provided by Deaf Pathway Global, a Deaf missionary in Asia has become more effective in evangelizing among numerous Deaf people in various small villages.

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Missionary Partner in West Africa

Several sets of discipleship stories translated into the native language of the Deaf have provided these partners with effective, productive training and tools. 

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Deaf Believers
in Mexico

Using our Bible story set on healthy church formation, the Deaf believers are now working together to lead their fellowship group to become a church.

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Deaf Leaders
in Thailand

Through Bible stories, in their heart language, the Deaf Thais have become strong followers of Christ. They now have a center of worship and training where they are utilizing these stories to lead and train others.

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Deaf Leaders in the Czech Republic

A network of Deaf Bible translators and leaders of Deaf church fellowships meet regularly to share new Bible stories and to encourage one another towards reaching the Deaf in their nation for Christ.

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