Deaf Pathway Bible for Deaf Believers

As a pastor of a Deaf congregation I'm often asked by hearing people, "What's the difference when the congregation speaks English and you go to a Deaf congregation where the Pastor signs?” I reply, "It's two different languages.” The issue is American Sign Language is a different language than English. American Sign Language does not have the same structure that English has. Deaf people can read but they have to process what they are reading so that they can understand what they read as it fits with their language, American Sign Language. So, a Deaf person knows enough English but has to process that grammar into the grammar of American Sign Language, so that they can understand and know what is being said. Now, we have a translation that is in the language of Deaf people, that they can see and not have to process. So those truths will come through to their heart. The Deaf PathWay app currently has hundreds of Bible stories and passages. They can see the scriptures in their language. It's just amazing because of the access they Deaf now have. We are working on having the entire Bible in ASL. We want Deaf people all across the world to get the word of God in their language. Won't you come join us? Pray for us? Help us financially? Be a part of what we are doing!

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